The Preston Weave

The site has experienced a loss of significance in the context of its historical status as a place which contributed to the flourishing period of Preston being a major textile manufacturing center since the demolition of the cotton mill. Nestled among areas of cultural importance in the present-day context has presented an opportunity to revive the space as a community hub that focuses on cultural preservation. The scheme intends to help the site regain its status within the Preston community as a resource centre for cultural celebrations. The resource centre will be a place where artists and performers gather to preserve, promote and celebrate cultural heritage. It features a variety of spaces catering to different needs, including research facilities, teaching areas, manufacturing workshops, rehearsal spaces, and performance venues. These spaces will be available for use by various cultural collectives, enabling them to celebrate and showcase their own unique traditions and heritage. By providing dedicated resources and support, the center will empower these groups to prepare for and host cultural events throughout the year, aligning with the diverse festival calendar.

In paying homage to the rich textile history of Preston, the resource center will also house and present tangible artifacts such as textiles and costumes from previous cultural celebrations. These artifacts will serve as a link to the past and its deep connection with textile creation. By showcasing and preserving these elements, the center will reinforce a sense of heritage and provide a platform for future developments in cultural celebrations.