Smart Works Charity, Burnley

My focus revolves around addressing social issues and promoting sustainability through innovative design solutions. Within my atelier, we directed our efforts towards Burnley, a town facing limited government funding. 

Drawing inspiration from the book "Take Back the Economy," I gained insights into alternative economic systems emphasising community involvement and empowerment. This inspired me to develop solutions that actively engage local communities in shaping their built environment, leveraging architecture to influence social challenges and create inclusive spaces.

My proposed project entails establishing a branch of Smart Works Charity in Burnley, an organisation focused on assisting unemployed women by providing them with comprehensive resources and employment support. This addresses the social injustice and discrimination that hinder their successful reintegration into the workforce.

At the core of my project lies the theme of circular economy, which addresses the pressing climate crisis while emphasising active community participation. This approach fosters a sense of collective responsibility and empowers individuals to contribute to positive change. Circular economy strategies presents opportunities for resource optimisation and cost savings, aligning with Burnley's circumstances and its need for a bottom-up approach.

Through conscious reusing/recycling of materials, we can create a sustainable built environment that maximises resource utilisation. Moreover, the project actively promotes community engagement through implementation of simple construction techniques that involve locals, granting them a sense of ownership over the project. The design is meticulously planned to accommodate adaptability and facilitate deconstruction. By incorporating modular elements, it ensures easy reconfiguration to meet changing needs over time, minimising waste and carbon footprint.

Through my work, I aspire to effectuate impactful architectural interventions that address social challenges, empower marginalised communities, and foster a sustainable future. I firmly believe in the transformative power of architecture to make a positive societal impact, creating spaces that embody the principles of inclusivity and sustainability.