Exploring borders

Borders: the division, separation of concepts into distinct zones, a creation of a threshold

This translation of the conceptual border in between the duality of elements in life, such as the pair of light-darkness, space-void, happiness-sadness, openness-closeness, into a graphical component sits at the base of the project. Taking all these contradictory elements and translating them into spaces that incorporate this quality allows for a crossing of one’s believed limit, sends to the superhuman, and continuously pushes for excellency.

I translated the border concept through lines; lines that divide infinite space; the walking line in between opinions. This graphical element can be found all around the design. The complexity of the shapes, the following of two separate sets of axis sends to duality, while still maintaining elegancy, form, and function. The strict use of geometrical shapes hardens the lines into apparent thresholds, both philosophical and from a design point of view.

My design aims to fuse all these distinct elements, while delivering an aesthetically pleasing, functioning building. I treat my projects as works of art, but I allow for the opposite, the practicality of them, to merge and to shine through, with the help of my inclination toward a precise and detail-oriented point of view.

I embrace both art and technologies, with a special incline towards sustainable outcomes, and deliver “Exploring borders” as both a functioning project and as an immersive experience.