Woven ‘Green‘

Developing the previous concept of celebrating the existing greenery of Mayfield that Invertd Green Archeology expressed, A City of Woven ‘Green‘ reffers to the development of the existing greenery in Mayfield to create a new object. 

The purpose is to create buildings that can constantly change their concept to adappt similar to the vegetation used in the programme of the building that changes its initial state until it reaches an optimal form. 

I want to express the idea of change in a way that is easy to perceive by everybody, by associating diferent colors to textures, sounds etc. I intend to emphasise the idea of evolution by using materials that react viisibbly to the weather but also remind the users of nature, such as corten steel, copper, timber etc.

I am designing a building with a programme that involves textiles in Mayfield to commemorate the slaves that worked on the mancunian cotton fields and brought the city its famous nickname, Cottonpolis.

My building does not act like a typical factory, but rather celebrates a slow time, and therefore, creates inclusive, safe spaces for everyone.