Enchant Canal: Revitalizing Lancaster's Waterfront for Community and Tourism

The thesis project, "Enchant Canal," explores the transformation of Lancaster City's canal corridor into a vibrant, immersive, and inclusive destination that embraces its natural beauty. Through the evaluation of Lancaster's primary water sources, the river and the canal, the study underscores the heightened engagement of users in the canal corridor compared to the river, signaling the potential for a design intervention to maximize its allure.

The urban study of Lancaster has revealed a strong demand for a waterfront tourist resort and a lively night scene along the canal corridor. This insight has given rise to a concept for accommodations harmonizing with the canal's character. The proposal integrates canal-side dining, interactive areas, and water-based activities to create an immersive experience. It addresses the current lack of such options, aiming to envelop guests in the canal's charm day and night, thus fulfilling the desire for a complete Lancaster experience.

The research seeks to answer critical questions: To what extent does waterfront placemaking impact urban population density? How does the presence of a tourist resort contribute to the enhancement of urban economic growth along waterfront areas? In what ways does the combination of waterfront placemaking and tourist accommodations improve livability in waterfront settlements?

The project envisions a design solution that synergizes innovative features with the historical attributes of the canal and its neighborhood, creating a vibrant, inclusive, livable, and accessible hub within the urban fabric. It promotes sustainability, integrates with nature, and adapts to various purposes and activities, making it suitable for diverse events. Ultimately, the project seeks to revitalize Lancaster's canal corridor, preserving its heritage while meeting contemporary demands, and illuminating the waterfront as a symbol of past and present coexisting in vibrant harmony.