Riverfront Development Along the River Wantij, Netherland

My urban design project was based on theme 'Hydrocity', which was divided into 3 studio units: Studio A, Studio B, and Studio C. 

In Studio A, I engaged in both collective and individual analyses of my chosen urban location, exploring its hydrological dynamics and identifying key design challenges. This stage aimed to foster collaboration, deepen my holistic understanding of urban environments, and define my personal design manifesto. 

In Studio B, I focused on a specific site within my chosen location, conducted a thorough analysis, and proposed sustainable urban designs that addressed climate change challenges. 

In Studio C, I involved detailed resolution and communication, where I refined my design intentions, prototyped key elements, and considered implementation and management aspects. Throughout this project, I developed my design skills and contributed to creating dynamic and sustainable urban landscapes.

The aim of the project is to outline proposals at the scale of the neighbourhood, urban quarter, block or area, through a masterplan approach, a more fluid set of design guidelines or a longer term framework for change. The ultimate goal is to communicate the future potential of ideas to transform the selected area and to create rich and sustainable environments for its occupants and visitors.