Bridging Cultures: Building an Inclusive Center for Community Engagement and Exchange in Preston

Through a Guild, I aim to establish an inclusive religious center in Preston that caters to the growing Muslim population. This center goes beyond a traditional mosque, serving as a place of worship while also being a hub for learning, creativity, and trade. Its goal is to foster understanding, engagement, and cultural exchange among people from all backgrounds.

The center offers diverse activities and services, including artistic expressions of Islam, workshops, and events that actively engage the community. It features shops and a café to encourage interaction and cultural exchange. The design of the center focuses on creating socially driven spaces that promote connection, inclusivity, and a sense of belonging.

From an architectural standpoint, the center's design respects the heritage of Preston while embracing the culture and identity of the city. The interior celebrates and resembles the identity of Islamic culture, allowing people to experience the culture through both the activities and the architecture of the building.

The architecture employs clear and captivating terminology to enhance understanding and appreciation. The exterior design pays homage to Preston's rich heritage while also incorporating the cultural identity of the city. Inside, visitors are enveloped by an interior that reflects Islamic culture, with carefully crafted architectural elements and interactive features that invite meaningful interactions.

The center's architecture goes beyond aesthetics, creating socially driven spaces that promote human connections, inclusivity, and community building. By considering the social impact of architectural elements, the center fosters an environment conducive to dialogue, interaction, and a shared sense of purpose.