Set in the deprived Burnley city centre, once Britain`s proud theatre capital, the project aimed to give new life to the deserted Empire Theatre. Through various site visits and workshops key economic actors were identified allowing them to be implemented into the design. Living in a post COVID-19 reality, these people found the need for a place which provides stable income for them and their families without putting funding pressure onto the community. The transformation of this historic site into an arts and crafts centre provides a perfect opportunity for the aforementioned actors to find the right workplace and to begin a process of reviving Burnley`s historic theatre centred heritage.

Using the River Calder as a key drive, I have created exciting outdoor spaces which will host events about vital problems of the millennium such as inequality, climate change, racism etc. The theatre with its workshops and public spaces acts not only as a market place but as a community centre where everyone will be welcomed to express themselves. Furthermore, a community garden will stand in place of the deprived night club attached to the theatre and its employees are given the opportunity to start a new job in the Theatre cafe.

A design approach driven by the principals of circular economy and climate awareness was used to design a building which meets the user needs and building regulations. The building is designed to have no negative impact on the surrounding community instead with the aim of supporting local culture. Working for the community in a capitalist economy proved to be a difficult and painstaking process which required various studies to determine the most sustainable, cost effective materials while still focusing on implementing user orientated design in the final concept.