The idea of ‘Difference Enriches Creativity’ has been adopted throughout the design process of this project. By engaging with different people, methods, and ambitions, as well as by placing people over capitalism, the project aims to create architecture that reduces regional inequality in the UK as part of the ‘Levelling Up’ theme.


An issue was observed in Burnley from the early stages of the site’s study and analysis which is the 'Fragmented Community' issue. Alongside the climate crisis we are facing today, and the measures we are taking to tackle its implications, a solution to that issue in Burnley is proposed through this project. By considering the unnoticed victims of climate change, such as young refugees from one side, and the Empire Theatre with its evidential, historic, aesthetic, and communal values from the other side, a new transformation point could take place to create a positive change in the local community in Burnley.

Architectural Solution

The project aims to create architecture that takes back the Empire Theatre, brings different people together, and provides facilities for young refugees that allow them to express themselves, integrate their prominent activities, and demonstrate their skills to the local community. As a result, I believe that a well-connected community with multi-cultural competency and mutual respect could be constructed.

The main design drivers of this project focus on creating a space that provides an unforgettable spatial experience. That was achieved through the planning of the building, form and geometry, lighting, and materiality.

The project has taught me that to have a healthy financial and manufactured system, we need first to have a healthy social and human system.