In the whole year project, I experienced a design in deep contact with water resources in the atelier of some nature. Due to the site's location close to the river, this factor is the non-human element that I think is the closest to the heart and can be integrated into the architectural design and make it coexist with people in the building.

The first thing that comes to my mind is a spa centre, where people can rest and relax. In my design, native English herbs, as well as non-native herbs, are grown in greenhouses are combined with water as the primary source of the bath, and these natural resources are all produced from the building itself, making it possible to achieve a situation where herbs, water and humans coexist. The spa centre contains a relatively complete range of functions, allowing people to stay in the building for a long time and enjoy long-term services, including eating, sauna, massage and bathing. Whether it's water, herbs or people, they all have their paths of action in this building, and I also designed through the combination of their respective approaches of action, so my design looks more extensive and more complex, but in general, it is in line with the design I expected.

In the landscape design, in addition to maximizing the increase of greenery, I also added ponds and herbal gardens. These two are essential elements in my architecture. In addition to adding interest to the surrounding of the building, they have also related to the echoes of the concept of the building beside. I believe that my exhibition fully expresses my understanding and design of the project.