What else does Mayfield bring to the table in a rapidly developing city? A walk through the city and a study of Mayfield's history. Much of the historic atmosphere has been preserved in Mayfield. It is a special substance that belongs exclusively to Mayfield. But what kind of intervention should we make now to preserve it? The study of the architectural ambience and the "Genius Loci" is an attempt to find a solution to this problem. Both atmosphere and 'Genius Loci' emphasise the relationship of the building to its surroundings and installations. Architectural fading seems to be an option that could be tried. In this way, the place is created to preserve the atmosphere that belongs to Mayfield. There are two types of architectural fading: formal fading and material fading. The attempt is to use both approaches to integrate the space with the existing context and atmosphere of Mayfield. The relationship between the building and its surroundings is emphasised. A breakthrough is sought in the integration of the development. Retaining this quality of belonging to Mayfield.