My final year project is creating a feminist school for women artists in Manchester.

Whether it’s underrepresentation of women in executive roles, lack of childcare support, harassment or biased and discriminatory behavior, these issues are an ongoing occurrence for women across all industries and organizations around the world.

In order to climb the career ladder and chase after our professional ambitions, we must first break the glass ceiling.

In the art world, works of art and the artists often seemingly ‘forgot’ certain groups or individual people due to their fender, ethnicity, or social standing…

Therefore, I would like to creating a space to celebrate the work of artists who were neglected or marginalized during their career from the past, and helping advance the status of local women artists and women doing art jobs.

The feminist school is like a multipurpose art studios including exhibition space, workshop, studio area, library, support office, nursery etc… to create a safe and beneficial place for local women artists.