The main direction of my work is the sustainable development direction of urban planning and architecture design. The Design Thesis (Studio B&C) project focuses revitalizes the suburban structure, not blindly concentrated development, but targeting to find the source of the problem, and then from the planning direction to improve the regional construction and future hidden dangers. The dissertation, which also aims at sustainable development, assesses and makes recommendations for Manchester's wasteland and abandoned sites. In Manchester, the lands we could call wasted landscapes. Due to the unique feature of how their formation and different states of transformation, so not every piece of land can become a site for architects to show their grand plans.

Design Thesis - Shared Community in progress: Regenerating and developing the neighbourhood in Lower Kersal

Suburban areas of cities have very different characteristics and needs than urban centres. This report proposed a vision of improvement of mobility and prosperity, at the same time targeting public safety, flood issues, and other problems. To create a neighbourhood where beneficial for long-term sustainable living. The structure of this report is divided into two parts: Part one is research (Studio B), it’s for learning and understanding the history, geography, ethnography, local conditions, and issues. Part two is the proposal (Studio C), a design scheme is proposed after diagnosis.

Dissertation - Proliferating Drosscape: Evaluating Land Waste Within Central Manchester

With the birth of new urbanism, the waste landscape caused by urban sprawl has received certain attention.  Allen Berger researched urban landscape waste in the United States, respectively. He has made a comprehensive study from the causes of the formation of land waste to the classification of understanding the types of waste landscapes. The United Kingdom as a country with a deep history of the industrial background has yet to conduct an evaluation and analysis in this field. This paper will assess the land waste in Great Manchester, the UK as the site of inspection. Before you start reading, you may not know what a waste landscape is, and you may never even have heard of it. This article walks you through this particular topic and provides a general initial assessment of the Badlands in Manchester, UK. wasted landscape means that the land is wasted. So, how is land wasted and what kind of land is called wasted? At the end of this paper, five outcomes will be concluded, and it is a necessary mindset for urban planners and architects to deal with such Proliferating Drosscape.

Cities and Urbanism Ideologies and Futures - Ascendant City: Rethinking of Rebel Cities - From the Right to the City to the Urban Revolution

This article is mainly based on the Rebel City by David Harvey. Combining multiple literature and case studies to assess Harvey's views on urbanization under capitalism rulership.