The Borrowing:

My project explores the effects of industrial vehicular infrastructures, on people, communities, and the environment. This year we worked along the U+I Development currently happening in Mayfield, where the construction of the Mayfield park, residential housing and offices has already begun. The Mancunian Way and the Piccadilly railway wrap around Mayfield forming an enclosure which has created disconnection for surrounding communities which were once together. This has affected the residents, especially those who have remained since the construction of the Mancunian Way started in 1963.

I explored different methods of connection live on-site, through my testing of mirrors which displayed one space to another, sound recordings and stories from residents and local people.

This resulted in multiple interventions that intersect the Mayfield’s vehicular barriers and create a point of connection. The urban interventions propose to connect the dislocated communities physically and emotionally with Mayfield. Creating gathering spaces which encourage people to interact and connect.

My interest in human thinking and well-being is what initiated the direction of my thesis. I have always been intrigued by the human mind and behaviour in conjunction with architecture and design. For my final year thesis, I wanted to create meaningful interventions which would both satisfy the design and well-being of people. From, interventions which encourage connections between dislocated communities, to creating designs which both satisfy people and the environment. As an aspiring architect, I strongly believe in building for the future and climate change. Within my designs, I have explored low carbon materials, reusable energy and interventions that reduce the effects of large vehicular infrastructures.