DETOXICITY - A DECENTRALISED METAVERSE Detoxicity is a gamified shopping experience, the key aim for the metaverse is creating a non-toxic space that counters and challenges toxic beauty standards. As users connect to the platform, they can walk around in the space and identify toxic space/images.

If users detect toxic messaging, they can submit positive or negative reactions for the Ai system to pick up on. Reactions allow users to earn TOXI tokens, a cryptocurrency and NFT's. The toxic and non-toxic spaces are mapped over the existing space allowing for real-time analysis.

Funded by cryptocurrency and backed by blockchain technology. Based on personal setting inputted by the user and Information gathered from peoples likes comments and reactions to identify toxic and non-toxic space, a new virtual reality is created. This allows for a psychological level impact for users and create realistic and representative space.

There are 3 key Plazas. The entrance plazas – where users can scan in to the metaverse and get connected. Users are scanned in exactly as they are to create gaming avatars. The Gaming plaza - here there are a series of virtual pods that users can connect to play games or connect to the virtual shopping experience. Islamic garden plaza – The aim of this plaza is to block the entrance of Selfridges as this has been identified as the most toxic and manipulative shop in terms of promoting Eurocentric beauty standards. The Islamic Garden Plaza is created in protest of Selfridges. There are also various checkpoints around the space that allow users to earn tokens as they pass, however most importantly, this is where VR sensors are located to maintain user connectivity to the space. The information and all virtual reality space is generated and registered using artificial intelligent systems that can connect users to their bespoke new reality.