My landscape design workshops centred around the restoration of Duddon Bridge Ironworks on the banks of the River Duddon in the Lake District National Park, England. My designs present an experimental landscape activated by three initiating objectives; re-energise, restore and rewild. Geothermal and hydroelectric power plants re-energise the local economy, which in turn empowers plants, by energising productive grow houses and releasing surrounding grazing land for rewilding. This new energy economy instigates the restoration and redevelopment of the Duddon Bridge Ironworks into a new National Renewable Energy Centre, offering training and education for its visitors, and opportunities to experience a wilder way of living.

At the heart of the site sits Ember, an example of some of the analogue techniques that I used to analyse and develop the site's design potential. This prototype invites you to experience an imagined landscape influenced by the industrial processes of the site's past and its journey from a post-industrial landscape to a modern nature-based habitat.