“The Bridge Between” focuses on integrating the Persian community living in the Netherlands, specifically in Rotterdam, and facilitating them with a place to unite, provide the opportunity to reconnect with their roots, and integrate with the Dutch culture.  This scheme is designed in response to the question: “How can Architecture aid the revival of cultural heritage and integration in cities for people of Persian background, reconnect with their roots whilst simultaneously raising awareness for other nationalities to participate? ”

The bridge between cultures, communities, traditions, narratives, the past, and the future. Culture shapes people as they gain knowledge, learn languages, the values, customs, and traditions a culture has to offer.

This project identifies the issues immigrants throughout the generations face in the Netherlands and provides solutions and methods in which these can be resolved, by breaking barriers and creating bonds.

A space where intangible cultural heritage can be practiced freely. A beacon to initiate interculturality, cultural diversity, and cross-cultural integration by raising awareness and safeguarding practices, amongst the Dutch and Persian nationals. A place to celebrate, to learn handmade crafts, languages, music, and dance; and to familiarise the Dutch and Persian communities with each others’ cultures and unite them. Bridging the two cultures, identifying the similarities and differences, and embracing them to foster connections and develop a sense of active citizenship.