In an age where the climate crisis is already affecting the world and our personal lives, it is difficult not to feel a sense of hopelessness when it seems like individual action is futile. However, human resilience has taught us that change can only come with action, and during times of doubt, it is the supportive aid of other’s that keeps us moving forwards.

Within this climate movement, children's voices are often neglected. As the next generation who will inherit this world - both the good and bad, they should be given agency to form their own opinions and find their place within this global phenomenon.

PLAYSCAPE aims to support this notion, by providing children the opportunity to truly engage with nature and discover the importance of preservation and protection of our natural heritage. The project stands as a children’s museum of natural ecology, featuring interactive exhibits to fuel their curiosity through play and association.

Upon arrival, visitors are greeted with the processional walkway – a physical gateway creating connection between the city and nature. The building’s design takes a post-modernist approach towards Stockport, creating a twist on the traditional gable form whilst injecting humour and playfulness into the design. The gable frontage reflects the row of houses that once existed on the site, and its ‘scale like’ appearance gives the impression of a living creature taking refuge upon the landscape. Opportunities for natural engagement has considered, with an explorable rooftop garden attracting pollinators and birds, and a public playground, inspired by 5 habitats within the animal kingdom.

PLAYSCAPE is a place to let go of climate fatigue. It serves as a reminder to remember what we are fighting for, and why it is imperative that we carry on, before it becomes just another fictional story.