The current economic context of Burnley acted as a key creative driver for my position development. Having a response to the fast fashion industry and being critical to the Boohoo company which is currently located at the periphery of the town, my intent is to create a loop sustainable system. Fashion acted as a primarily programme development of my set of buildings. I intend to have this ethical approach not only in the building’s programme but also in its tectonics part as well, by reusing the existing structure of Burnley Empire theatre and using locally sourced materials 

I intend to use the structure of the historical building and celebrate its architectural heritage through creating an exhibition space in its interior. A fashion catwalk is meant to take place in this space, bringing people together and promoting social inclusivity. The other features of my building design include other public amenities which are in the proximity of the historical building. My intent is to create an urban node where fashion represents a people bringing actor. The outdoor green space and roof garden enhance the user’s health and well-being. 

From the high street the shop invites the users to discover the rest of the building’s programme. Inside the theatre, where the catwalk is located, the upper floor level is conserved and restored and can be used as a sitting space for the public events. The coffee shop area is located adjacent to the theatre, being linked by a small passageway. Therefore, the circulation is well thought from public to private areas and enhanced visually by green spaces. All of the spaces are meant to provide user comfort and are designed in accordance to ergonomics principles.