Syria has suffered from war since 2011 because of the criminal Assad regime and its supporters, who have committed numerous massacres, mass murders, arbitrary imprisonment, and horrific methods of torture and killings against Syrian civilians of all ages and genders because they are “against the regime”.  

This project has looked at this issue and was based on a slight hope for a brighter vision when the Assad regime and war ends in Syria, then how can architecture rebuild post-war Syria while remembering the past and embracing the future?  And how can architecture assist in healing people from trauma while integrating Syrian architectural features within residetial buildings and neigbouhoords? 

The rebuilding phase of Syria should not be done arbitrary, it should consider people and their trauma experiences and the architecture and culture of the place.  Therefore, this project is offering a design guide to follow when rebuilding Syria in the future when Syria and its people will obtain their freedom.

Future Syria in 2033 project (hopefully earlier than that), is a design guide in regards to designing residential buildings, street/ block and neighborhood. As it creates as a foundation for rebuilding Syria in the future of 2033. The design guide will help in gathering people and creating strong social and visual connections thus helping people heal from trauma, and integrates sustainable Syrian architectural features, encouraging social and healthy lifestyle within every Syrian home and neighborhood.

The design guide is covering three factors:

1. Making the space «Syria»

2. Bringing people together and heal from trauma. 

3. Engage with streets and landscape.

We hope in the near future that Syria and its people will obtain their freedom and the country will become safe, stable and just.  Using this design guide, help the people heal from post-war trauma, and creating a healthy and safe social community within every Syrian neighborhood.