Reimagining Accrington's Industrial Past: Place and Memory 

“Can a site’s history be expressed in a new architectural form?”

Memory has a crucial part in defining human personal experiences of a place. The study delved into the history of the site and employed memory as a methodology. Accrington was formerly at the forefront of Art and Industry which has revealed the existence of the established artistic community is due to temporary leases that have turned vacant buildings into temporary creative spaces in the present day.

By offering a long-term, sustainable solution for the community and promoting public encounters and exchanges with the arts, the project aims to culturally regenerate Accrington and reconnect the town centre and the forgotten Abbey Street. The implementation of community-based programmes on the site and street interventions offer community participation in a new inspiring environment with a glimpse of the past.

“Memory dictates and history writes.”

Pierra Nora, 1984