The Energy Island is a prototype of a new community on a floating platform, made from decommissioned oil rigs. The goal is to produce renewable energy in a sustainable way, empowering the community around it and breaking the cycle of industry abusing its surroundings for profit. The Energy Island is the culmination of research into the physical makeup of all North Sea settlements. It unites the variety of cultures by using the averages of these settlements in its aesthetics and contents. My project focuses on the community part of the Island, proposing a design framework for cohousing schemes. Cohousing fosters close-knit communities through the sharing of some spaces and activities, in addition to private homes with a full set of amenities. Despite the mental health benefits, it is very difficult to be a part of in the UK due to lack of land, expense, cultural prejudices and high levels of commitment needed. The Energy Island creates new land that is affordable and controlled by the residents through a co-operative structure.