Thesis Project: Carbon Neutral Mobility The thesis works with Manchester City council as a live client to redevelop Manchester Victoria North. It focuses on offsetting carbon from the transportation sector in Victoria North, one of the largest redevelopment projects in the UK. To achieve the maximum 1.5°C increase goal set out in the Paris agreement, the thesis aims to achieve a carbon neutral mobility network by encouraging the use of active transport and reduce use of private motorised vehicles. We created a series of urban typologies and tested various road positioning that responds to different urban strategies, plot geometries and minimum plot sizes for maximum walkability. By creating a tool that automates the city generation, and measure performance through an agent based model that simulates 35,000 residents, the performance results are analysed and visualised through a design explorer.

Professional Practice 2 (PS2): All Saints Library This adaptive reuse project redesigns the existing MMU library considering alternative future scenarios for the campus. Working with MMU estates as a live client, a futures methodology was used to research and design plausible trajectories into our adaptable spatial strategy to address the client brief.

The new proposal features a new high-tech extension and internal adaptations while the exterior façade reintroduces and reconfigures the bricks as a new permeable skin with an aluminium brick-mimicing panel system. This new proposal draws out new qualities the internal spaces such as the twisted internal atrium and the archive tower while offering comfortable and controlled augmented learning spaces and open plan study spaces.