My thesis project is called Flâneuses on film, it looks at designing spaces for women in the city. Through urban interventions I have combined the two personalities of the flâneuse and the issue of women’s safety into the existing streets of Manchester. The flâneuse brings a playful and eccentric element to the project as well as discovery through movement. The seriousness around the topic of women’s safety keeps the design grounded, adding the importance of claiming space and reactivating streets for women. Some of the key themes running through my project are reactivating streets through street art, urban interventions & installations at a masterplan scale. The proposed design works in conjunction with existing buildings and street design, becoming a part of their existence and not a stand alone proposal, interacting at all heights. The designs of various spaces throughout the masterplan aims at challenging phallic architecture and the notion of ‘designed by men for men’ by redesigning traditional architecture through a feminist lens.