Atmosphere and Sublime

The slumber and marginal arch spaces in Mayfield, Manchester with its interweaving of darkness and light is a sublime atmosphere. With the special texture and materiality, these species of space are becoming rare but extinct because of its unique aesthetic value. These are fragile and vulnerable situations that portrays Mayfield’s character. As Mayfield is facing regeneration and development to engage with city in future, this distinct atmosphere will disappear if there is no intervention to save it. The project is to celebrate the moment of shadow and darkness of atmosphere by establishing practical uses in those spaces, and give them a future to engage with people and city in the regeneration of Mayfield.

In the final stage of my project, I especially focus on the nighttime Mayfield and give night design intervention. It is about saving and celebrating shadow and darkness, and respecting everything have existed in the place. The intervention is reduced to a lighter level compared to the first two phases. With a series small scale temporary pavilion, this project is establishing a state of change in Mayfield.