Responding to the thesis Healthy City, Healthy and my Personal Interests:

Having joined CPU(Ai) in the second year of my masters I had to adopt a digital fluency in the required software quickly to be able to deliver a computational thesis. Fortunately, we were able to not only understand but apply computational skills to urbanism. For example, computing/building a cellular automata model through Grasshopper is one dimension and secondly applying it to the Victoria North with predefined conditions shone a light on how we can catalyse the process of designing cities. Working with Manchester City Council as a live client helped realise this thesis project and allowed me to interact directly with the stakeholders involved in the process which is an invaluable experience I will take forth in my career.

With a personal interest in conservation architecture, I found the brief in relation to zero carbon cities very relevant as I can apply the urban design principles to my work in the future. Additionally, working at a macro urban scale rather than building scale allowed me to see architecture through a different lens.