In collaboration with Jordan Bartlett, we use our thesis to explore the theme of zero carbon cities in attempt to align with Manchester's 2038 Zero Carbon Framework. With our cities representing 2% of the planet, consuming 75% of the world’s energy consumption, and producing 80% of the CO2 emitted into the atmosphere, our challenge is how can we improve the performance of our cities, and reduce the threat of of a climate catastrophe. 

Throughout our project, we engage with the large-scale redevelopment of Manchester's Victoria North neighbourhood, where we act as consultants for Manchester City Council, in the endevour to develop a computational design tool and a dashboard interface. Combined, they are used to test and evaluate factors which affect carbon emissions such as: gravity based accessibility, future transport systems, urban form principles related to compactness and density, as well as renewable energy generation. This tool will test whether Victoria North can be carbon zero, and to what extent the city design can play a role. In summary our goal is to create a tool that allows for better designer informed decision-making, towards realising carbon zero cities.