Climate Change is not a new topic. We have known about the issue for decades, yet no significant progress has been made to combat the problem. Reflecting on that the idea for the Elsewhere Agora was born, a place where people would gather to understand and research the psychology of our daily choices and learn how their actions impact people elsewhere.

To signify the impacts of Climate Change the project focuses on the issue of floods. During rainstorms, the stormwater from around the city contributes to rising water levels downstream. The Elsewhere Agora collects the run-off surface, reuses it throughout the building and embeds it into the site with the use of vast vegetation.

Making the visitors aware of the surges elsewhere, the Agora garden occasionally floods, forcing the users to think about the issues that other people face.

Rising from the ground, the walls of the project are constructed out of rammed earth, a material sturdy yet as fragile as our world. Supporting the central canopy are glulam columns that blend into the natural environment of the enclosed gardens. With the compressed wood fibre detailing contrasting the raw earth walls, a unique tactile experience is created. Meanwhile, the exotic greenery calms down the colour palette of the project and reminds the users of natural environments.