About Me

I am keen to seek new opportunities within the field of Architecture and Urban Planning/Design. During my master studies, I have explored the potential of Computational Design which utilises generative designs to provide optimised results. I believe these skills would benefit in this rapidly evolving era and put be into use for solving design problems such as climate emergency. 

Thesis Project : Carbon Negative - The Blue Print

The Climate Emergency is here now. Reducing carbon emissions through net-zero and carbon neutral schemes will not be enough to mitigate current environmental damage. Instead, the architectural profession needs to aim for a carbon negative built environment which actively removes carbon emissions from the atmosphere. We will create a computational tool with fixed and variable parameters that have been optimised for energy generation, carbon removal and resource efficiency. This will then lead into the development of our carbon negative building framework which will produce an optimal spatial design with an associated carbon rating, tested on a temperate site in Manchester.