I studied my Bachelors in Özyeğin University (Istanbul, Turkey) and had a year of work experience before starting my masters. I worked both as a freelance architect, and an architectural project manager in Izmir and Istanbul.

My architectural education in Turkey has always encouraged me to do human centric design with the possibilities of sustainable approaches. On many of my designs I always tried to reuse the existing buildings with the adaptations with the new needs which I believe should be stimulated, if possible, instead of demolishing to build new.

Other than these because of my interest on the spatial design tools I did my dissertation on “How to increase awareness and interest in the ancient heritage sites by the spatial design solutions in Turkey as to Italy?”. With this I’ve found countless possibilities to make the archaeological sites to be interesting again.

As a continuity of this, I followed the ideas of my dissertation and found an archaeological site in the city Centre of Izmir to find possibilities of reviving the heritage. By reusing the 11-storey concrete parking lot as a cultural centre named “Portal d’Agora” and creating a connection path to the archaeological site of ancient “Agora”, I aimed to give a new breath to the strangled neighbourhood.