I am passionate about experimental research and abstract design of conceptual spatial architecture with a focus on deconstruction and fragmentation. My aim is to continue undertaking part in competitions as well as be part of a practice that values the field of research and experimenting.


While Utopia and Dystopia are creations of capitalism, they rejoice in its destruction.A topography that entertains the unconscious.This is an e-motional field in which component part topographic relationships are not stable and fixed, but can be misplaced, displaced, and replaced.An attempt to construct a “dream” where the narrative is drowned from my unconscious memories.I am the architect of the dream; a psycho-logical journey by which one comes to experience being.An unconscious topography in which emotions can ‘move’ us, for they organise as a route. An embodied motion at different speeds activates the senses in an aggregated sequence of emotional responses. Evoking emotion in the shape of motion as one travels through it. The dream is an experience of my utopic memories (the reflection of how I perceive the world) blended to create my unconscious dystopia. Inspired by Dante’s Inferno, his psychological journey through hell as a critic of 14th-century society.

This spatial experiment seeks to alter the experiential conditions of the user and the way by which they look at shaping that experiential engagement.We require mediating spaces that would connect spaces to the virtual world as our current living spaces are rarely suitable with virtual reality’s rapid advancement.This umbrella project explores new ways of spatial construction, bringing up matters of the physical atmosphere such as gravity, enclosure, scale.These mediating-spaces have the potential to connect our physical world to the image-based universes that surround us that have helped create a new genealogy of spaces which is conscious of the current contemporary design landscape.