I'm Calin, a student that hopes to become a great architect one day and whilst doing that, help as many people through design as I can. My third-year project revolves around the idea that architects should focus on all our senses that help us understand the world around us, not just the sense of sight. I tried to answer the question: "How can the senses enrich the spatial qualities of a building through design?". This question has led me to start viewing how interconnected the human senses are to the environment and how they help frame our internal projection of the world around us. Through the project, I tried to re-envision how the typical office space could look like, if more senses were to frame it and how to tackle all five senses in a single space: sky gardens. They represent different biomes that help the inhabitants understand the space through all their senses: from the tactile columns, to framing the scene using various plants, to the internal horticulture farms and cooking stations. This project has helped me understand more about the implications of architecture and design in our world and how different spatial qualities can influence the individual's feelings towards set spaces. The gardens soon became a canvas for assessing what we feel and how we feel a space, as I tried to test and iterate various ways of creating a memorable and immersive experience for the inhabitant. I hope one day I will be able to bring this knowledge into the real world and help create a slightly better environment for everybody involved through sensorial designs.