FLOW INTO THE PLAYGROUND is a project that encompasses parametric designs which revitalise the environment and create a positive impact on the communities. Starting as an exploration of the shapes water can create, the project transformed into the design of a temporary inflatable pavilion that would act as a playground for the public and grew as a large tower scheme, which challenges the conventional workspace. This project tackles two opposite types of buildings that follow the same principles. Both of these explore parametricism through diagrid structures that incorporate sustainable materials and create interior conditions which lead to an increased feeling of user well-being. While the pavilion offers spaces for relaxation, the tower provides specific areas such as a playground within the office and a roof terrace. Their forms were carefully tested and improved in order to maximise occupant satisfaction based on the two different programmes.

MAKING offered me the opportunity to explore various ideas through both model making and software modelling. The given brief challenged me to explore parametric architecture and allowed me to improve my digital skills by learning various pieces of software. This atelier has encouraged me to explore the unconventional part of architecture and shaped my future interests regarding design.