My project, Urban Oasis, relies on using the client's requirements as a catalyst in improving the local community. The project theme consists of multiple ways of using water in the benefit of the individual's physical health and wellbeing. The idea grew gradually from the lack of physiotherapy facilities within the Health & Education Department of MMU into a multi-purpose space that brings together hydrotherapy, SPA centre and Aquatics centre facilities. Therefore, my project's purpose satisfies the needs of the client (MMU) and the needs the local community is not aware of looking for.

The key concept behind the design of the building is the circulation and reusage of water. The process starts from controlling the path of rainwater on the margins of the building into water collection trenches, creating an impression of a building covered by controlled waterfalls. From the trenches, the pipes system lead the water into the filtration chamber from where the water is redistributed to the key areas of the building. The main sustainable drivers behind this concept are rely on circularity and cost reduction.

My experience with CPU[ai] atelier turned out to be crucial in implementing sustainable principles into the design concept as I learned to focus not only on the aesthetic values, but also on integration and legacy values. In the meantime, I was able to further develope my design and visualization skills by exploring new pieces of software (Rhino, Lumion). It has been a memorable learning experience which will eventually turned out to have shaped my interests and ambitions regarding the architectural discipline.