My name is Zhengyou Qin, I come from Nanning, China. My background is Urban planning and design.

During my MSA (Architecture and urbanism) study, I mainly focus on the resilient urban design to tackle with climate change and environment problem. 

In my urban design project, I have do plenty of simulation and data visualization to make the analysis more convincing.(Such as: using space syntax to do the simulation of people trail). I also do research on the form of building, I use topology optimization to generation the organic form of building, and also do a lot of test to building structure.

During my master degree, my urban design project has changed to a more logical and scientific urban design (using plenty of simulation and form and space algorithm to get the best design).

Recently, I try to do some CG effect such as Venom, I will use some algorithm to get cool CG effect.

Studio B+C

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