I have always been interested in how people with disabilities view and go about architecture. In this project I explored ways in which people who are blind or visual impaired may perceive and experience a space differently, through creating a post covid high rise tower.

I have been inspired by the daily objects which already exist in assisting the blind and visually impaired community, such as bcontrasting pavement at crossings and tactile surfaces.

Integrating these aspects into my building I have proposed a high rise which acts as a signifier in the dense urban setting, with clear contrasting tactile walkways throughout the building. It also includes other aspects which aims to create a healthy workspace, such as its elliptical shape. It ensures maximum good views out and natural daylight entering the building,  greenery which is scientifically proven to have a positive effect on our mental health and balconies which overlook each other, allowing for co-workers to see an greet one another.