As an architecture student at the MSA I developed an interest in the sensory experiences of architecture. My project encompasses this passion toward the senses, through a composition of built elements that enhances the way we experience food.

The highway food market is embedded within a green island, located in the centre of the Mancunian Way, with multiple levels and space below, through and above the highway. Within the midst of a sea of cars, this market provides a destination and habitat for all forms of biodiversity; plants, human, bird and insect, combining nature and architecture in the urban environment. It is a hub of activity embodying the full process of food production, changing the way we experience the 'food market'. From the first seed planted to the final plate of food, people and place play a crucial role in the journey of food, and it is across this journey that users gain a holistic sensory experience, engaging with food in tactile, visual, olfactory, auditory and oral ways. 

This is a place to engage, educate and celebrate people and food culture. A space for nature to flourish, people to gather and reconnect the communities that were once divided by the metaphorical barrier of the Mancunian Way.