Shanghai is an international metropolis. However, the problem of population aging is very serious. So far, there are 5,181,200 elderly residents aged 60 and over in Shanghai, accounting for 35.2%of  the total registered population.

Shikumen buildings are traditional buildings in Shanghai. Shanghai Shikumen architecture has existed for 70 years. "Zundeli" is the name of the community where the project is located. Because of the cheap rent, the residents of Shikumen buildings have gradually become the bottom group. The elderly accounted for the vast majority of these households. The elderly have encountered many problems that cannot be ignored in the Shikumen architectural community. The ancient Shikumen buildings can no longer meet the needs of the elderly. 

The idea of the project is to improve this "Zundeli" community without demolishing the original buildings. At the same time, an age-friendly community is established, where the elderly, young people, and children have more interaction.