This project is completed as a group with Haocheng Zhong, Shitian Lin and Tiantian Ge. 

Thesis Statement and Our Aim:

The problem with the proposed urban development in the Northern Gateway that we are most interested in is the lack of attention to addressing the built environment as an adaptive condition that positively accommodates a changing and ageing residential population.

The basis of this design problem is our own analysis of factors related to green and blue structure, well being, ecology and ageing in place. We aim to develop an adaptative approach to community design and ecological improvement with computational tools.

City River Irk Park:

We analyzed the geology of the existing site and figured out the most reasonable river ecosystem of North Gateway. In order to make local residents design and edit their own city river park, we design a program that generates corresponding different river parks by freely combining various ecological types. So, the city river park will be designed according to the preferences of the residents. Then the road network is classified and planned by green corridors from river ecology, hot spots and 60m*60m grid system.

Block Generation:

Based on prefabricated houses, surrounded by parks, commercial areas, and public cultural buildings, we classify land use and use python script to have research on the relationship between each neighbourhood, and adjusting the land using the map.

As for the life in communities, we try to develop an adaptive system to encourage a longer duration of stay for communities to form and a sense of homeownership to be enhanced. In each community, different public spaces as plug-ins could be adjustable by the change of different residents' needs. So, the block can develop automatically over time.