My ambitions lie with creating people driven schemes, which seek to respond to the needs of a community. By listening, conversing, and responding to both clients and users, as well as context, budget, and sustainability aspiration we are able to create functional and comprehensive design outcomes.

I am incredibly passionate about designing inclusive architecture which acknowledges diversity and difference from the word go. In my most recent project ‘The Charter Street Hive’, I am responding to an increase in the ageing population as well as younger generations growing up in the city centre – I consider how colour, texture and light can be used to navigate the site to encourage feelings of ease and confidence for building users.

I trust architecture to be responsible for how people interact, from smaller to larger scale projects – Architecture has the power to make you stop, make you move, make you talk and so on. I think its incredibly important to consider the ‘moments’ which happen in each design; in my most recent project I had several aims such as bridging capital, providing access to education, creating intergenerational spaces, and promoting a sense of community. My design was shaped by these ambitions.

Working with an existing building made ‘The Charter Street Hive’ a comprehensive project, it taught me the important of recognising and appreciating what once was and as a result I would be eager to develop my knowledge and respect for heritage buildings. As well as this I would love to continue to advance my passion for social architecture.