My work was based on the future of design, considering aspects of biomimicry and an optimism towards the moon, like the 60s space-age era. I looked into the Kardeshev Scale which categories civilisations according to how much energy they can extract from their planet or solar systems. There are 5 types, as well as 'omega' which is beyond our knowledge. 

Currently, we stand at 0.75 on the scale where we can use most of the energy from Earth, but we may reach a Full Type 1 in a few hundred years if we don't completely destroy the planet. Beyond Type 2 may become too abstract for our current understanding and intentions today.

Following this theory, I proposed a futuristic structure, looking into precedents such as the Seattle Space Needle and conceptual art. I found strength in collage work and visual representation through editing and used these skills to embody the feeling within my building. It uses a lighting strategy, acting as a communication tower for the wider public to showcase energy use.

At the end of the day, population growth will lend itself to more energy and infrastructure, but this does not have to be unsustainable. Actually, as we progress ahead, as well as the 2030 Net Zero Carbon Scheme (RIBA), we will continue to find high renewable strategies to produce and utilise energy. My building showcases the opportunities and concept of the future, which may appear ambitious to construct today. 

Link for final 10 images (download and open on Adobe Acrobat Reader to see the Interactive PDF)