BIOGAS - Reducing and reusing food and packaging waste through Biogas systems.

My Architecture project is approached with the Manchester 0 carbon aim of 2050 at the forefront. With the main design precedent looking into the concept of the Manchester industrial revolution 200 years on, I developed the design ethos of curating a structure with these values, with a resilient 0 carbon aim. Understanding the challenges our planet faces, and the depletion of its resources, it was important to me to use recycled materials where possible, to further offset the structures carbon footprint. Situated on the busy Oxford road, I designed with a stand out building in mind, using machined materials such as steel, aluminium and concrete to develop an industrial aesthetic, while inside, while using natural materials such as wood to create tension and break up the autonomous and grey industrial aesthetic usually associated with factories. Using BIOGAS systems, my design was developed around educating and showcasing to users how they can, in their own home, use similar systems to offset their own carbon footprint, and address the issues our planet faces on not only a regional but personal scale. Working with CPU[Ai] I developed my knowledge and understanding of environmental systems, showcasing my design as an example of designing for the user, rather than purely for external aesthetic values. Designing structures which are tactile with increased efficiency was important, developing spaces allowing users to thrive and interact with one another, but also with the building itself, through collaboration and communication. This is something that is very important to me.