I come from southeast coastal chaoshan area. Known for its social philanthropy and business development, it is known in China as the Oriental Jews. Growing up in this environment, I am proud of the history and culture of my family, most of whom are from all over the world. I, who grew up in the city, wasn't so shocked until I visited our old house and experienced the architectural appeal. I felt everywhere, as if in conversation with the era, the architectural style revealed our clan culture. These buildings are the best way to pass on our culture and showcase our timeless stories and ideas. I have been conquered by this vivid form to carry and transmit culture. From then on, I decided to focus on architectural design and contribute to an effective inheritance.

At present, China's construction industry is developing rapidly, model housing design is rapid construction drawings, sometimes even unreasonable architectural design. In the future, I want to lay a solid foundation for architecture and grow into a qualified designer.