My final year project centres around the creation of an archive for victims of violent crime. Through this project I have explored the intersection between architecture and politics to design a scheme that accommodates an underserved group of society.

The project has two main aims; to educate the public on the subject of violent crime and to support victims of violent crime. This resulted in the development of two buildings on the site: The Manchester Victims of Violence Archive which houses an auditorium, exhibition space and education centre; and the Vincent Centre which provides support to victims through counselling, legal aid and a communal support area. The third element of the scheme is the Memorial Garden a reflective space where members of the public can remember those they have lost to violence.

The two buildings took on contrasting forms to reflect their programme. The Archive has a fragmented, geometric form which symbolises the harsh realities of violent crime. The Vincent Centre was designed to sympathetically respond to the existing Pankhurst Centre; a listed building and important feminist archive.

I am passionate about wanting to make positive social and political change through architecture by working collaboratively with the local community.