My name is Saeed Almaymuni; in 2017, I completed a BA in Architectural Technology (AT) at Leeds Beckett University. I am currently doing my Master's in Architecture and urbanism at Machester Metropolitan University. Over the past years of studying, I have accomplished the knowledge of structural design, material resolution, and building economics, as well as my ability to utilize Auto CAD, Sketchup, Microsoft Office, Adobe, and other graphics communication programs. 

My project focuses on where contemporary architecture meets the urban planned town. It is a smart and sustainable idea/strategy that focuses on resilience and self-sufficient cities and makes them ready for the future. My project is located in Hastings a small town in East Sussex where it is known historically for the battle of Hastings in 1066. Hastings is a small town with cultural and architectural heritage. My site is based in the old town of Hastings.  The main objective is to revive the areas with cultural interest and connect them with the social and economic life of the city.  

A link to my thesis project is available here: