To speak for feminism thoughts, this project aiming at break job steretypes. To amplify the problem, I started with the study of Manchester feminism history and enthnography study of ordinary people. By exhibiting those 'overlapped' workspace throughout timeline, it brought out visitor's reflection of themselves and empathy. 

To take advantage of Pankhurst centre on site, The archive provides a brand new perspective where you will be able to look down into Emmeline Pankhurst's workspace from the newly extended walkway. The archive provides visitors a tour around 'stereotypes' and inspirational side of the history. The acknowledge is based on the perception. But what do we see? In 2021?

This archive represents my position of dealing with job stereotype and how female architects interpretate social world of its inner emotion in designed exhibition space. It is the attempt of applying reactive architectural language to show humanistic care.

It is also an archive built upon the post-pandemic era, where flexibility can be seen in its structure, partitions, assembly. It is a modern archive that with the attempt of responding social, environmental problems in depth.