MMU Edumarket on Campus

Manchester Metropolitan University’s All Saints Campus is undergoing an innovation driven redevelopment, MMU Edumarket is a design proposal for the All Saint’s Building site.

The future of the campus, and the city, must ensure that sustainable practice is ingrained within its development. MMU Edumarket addresses issues of sustainability, the climate crisis, the current economic struggle, and the health crisis, by providing a space for ethical food consumption, education, and socialisation.

I believe that conscientious spatial design can induce positive change for both people and the planet. This project encapsulates this in its education driven design with active and passive learning strategies being the driving force of the building’s function. The future resilience of cities is reliant on the education of our younger generations, therefore through providing an engaging and accessible space for students to learn, consume, and socialise, I believe that MMU Edumarket would be a valuable asset to the university and the city alike.

The distinctive structure highlights how advanced construction technologies allows us to create beautiful spaces with natural and sustainable materials; the thick exposed tree columns and beam framework, modelled using Rhino, create a dramatic space to house a floor of markets for local producers, and to suspend platforms for dining and passive learning, with views spreading throughout the inside and outside of the building.  

Other key features include the atriums that pierce through the education hub to provide sky views, daylighting, and ventilation for the market, and the building skin; a living wall that initiates a biophilic-city connectivity between the natural world and the urban reality of Manchester city centre.

I hope you enjoy my exhibition, please contact me with any questions or comments. I am seeking a Part 1 Architectural Assistant position; any offers or advice would be welcomed.