With the current issue of climate change, vehicular pollution and the health of people is highlighted. In my project, I was given the task of reimagining and redesigning a dull, busy, polluted highway with no pedestrian access into a lively, environmentally friendly urban space that brings communities together. 

I designed a building that has several different tree species inside, of different heights penetrating through the floors of the building to replicate the different layers of a rainforest and allowing users to feel like they are going on a journey walking through the forest. 

This building also incorporates principles of color psychology, and specific colors were chosen to illuminate the building and lift the mood of the users while also drawing attention to certain patterns and textures of the plants growing inside. 

With all that being said, I am interested in biophilic design as it has been found to support the cognitive function, physical health, and psychological well-being of people. I am also interested in urban design which I believe has a strong connection with biophilic design as it is beneficial to communities of all demographics as well as the environment.