My thesis project aims to bring back to life the Mayfield site, which currently it is just a mere residual space of Manchester city centre. The identity of the place is completely lost and there’s a lack of interaction between its communities.

The project consists of a light gallery that passes through the site and links the city centre with the southeastern neighbourhoods.

In a urban scenery, a dark ambience can be the reason why crime and antisocial activity easily spread; lights can positively change such atmosphere.

The gallery takes advantage of the Mancunian rain as a natural resource: rainwater will be harvested and tapped as a water supply. Rain can also create a suggestive atmosphere if mixed with lights.

Along the gallery, many activities will involve the nearby communities and mitigate poverty around the area.The aim is to create mutual trust by introducing workshops and training opportunities. For instance, food classes and urban farms can introduce a new approach to food culture and at the same time reduce food waste, collected from supermarkets and restaurants in the city centre. This will create at the same time social engagement and profitable activities. An outdoor market will provide the possibility to sell these products affiliating to other farms around Manchester.