A City from my dreams.
Can a theoretical feminist city created through methods of dreaming provide an alternative to the existing process of design?

This thesis explores whether dreams could influence the design process within Architecture to enable greater creative involvement from both the public and Architects – everybody explores their unique struggles and aspirations for space within their dreams and utilising them could be the key to fulfilling our subconscious wants, needs and desires.

To test the effectiveness of dreams as a design process and source of design inspiration, I explored my own dreams and created a deeply personal methodology to utilise every aspect of my dreams, influencing the project from concept to detailed design. The result of this process was the creation of a Feminist Dream City which provides equitable fun and empowerment for residents.

The City comprises of four Islands; Fun, Expression, Senses and Technology, with each Island already inhabited by Dream wildlife such as Giranes, Osquacks and Pot-People. Dreams give us the ability to re-imagine a more equitable reality, so the Architecture, transport and technologies on the Islands are driven by key Feminist design principles such as promoting equity, challenging the patriarchal hierarchy and designing to be harmonious with the environment.

When people become a true Feminist in reality, they are granted access to the Dream City when they sleep. As a community of Feminists take residence and continue to add to the City, the City begins to multiply and expand sparking chaos and excitement.